Together Father and Daughter in their own small way contribute to a better India and a better planet. Yes, LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL 🙂

About The Book -
Life can be Beautiful

“Life can be Beautiful” is a cute love story of a father and his 6-year-old daughter. As a father, Sanjay tries to give his best to his loving daughter Anju despite all hurdles that come his way. The mayhem in Sanjay’s life and how he overcomes them with help from his friends and family, help him improve his daughter’s life and his own and also help in making a difference to the lives of several people for the better. It is a beautiful journey of Anju from childhood to fulfilling her dream of becoming a NASA Scientist. The story also strongly emphasises on Sanjay’s belief that “Every child deserves to be given an opportunity to grow and be happy.”

A few Quotes from “Life can be Beautiful”

“There have been so many times that dad stayed hungry, but he used to feed me.”

“You were always there when I needed you. You never give up on me Daddy.”

“Aah! The heavenly scent of mutter paneer. Proof that God exists.”

“Money is the only thing the man doesn’t have; Sanjay shall always have my respect.”

“Daddy you are and will always be my first love, my hero.”

“A Father Knows Better What His Daughter Wants!”

“The larger the bank balance, the smaller is the heart.”

“What should I wear for our date Dad?”

“All because of you, naughty girl. All because of you.”

“No wonder dad calls you drama queen.”

“Someone today told me the importance of “small nothings” and that nothing is small, and it can go a long way in changing someone’s life.”

“I Won’t Let Daddy Give Up!”

“The cub protected the tiger and saved it from getting mauled.”

“I will fight with God for my daughter’s happiness if I have to”

“God took my daughter’s smile away in the hope that many more children would smile.”

“People who can change the world for the better should change it.”

“We can lead the world not by weapons or threatening speeches but by love.”

“Did anything changed after that?” “A lot daddy! I loved you more you after that.”

Sunil Gupta

About The Author

Sunil Gupta: Writer, Director, and Producer, Sunil Gupta is acknowledged for his music video ‘Ananya Bharat’, a short film on women's empowerment, ‘Ladke Rote Hain', and a thriller feature film ‘Woh Pehli Baar’.

About The Work

His maiden novel “Life Can be Beautiful,” is a cute love story, but unlike others, this one is a love story between a father and his 6-year-old daughter. He believes this story to be touching and emotional, a sad and happy ride which is life. Sunil believes that amidst all of the sadness of the pandemic, this story has “HOPE” and “LOVE” to bring a smile on all and everyone. As he emotionally quotes, it is “INDIA’S MESSAGE OF LOVE” and maybe “THE CUTEST LOVE STORY EVER”.

“Woh Pehli Baar” is written, directed and produced by Sunil. Here the movie deals with human psychology and emotions and how a certain incident can cause irreparable damage and can have a permanent impact effectively pushing a person to commit crimes, sometimes against loved ones too. Sunil has also written the lyrics and composed the music which some say is nothing less than spectacular. Highly appreciated by viewers, it was a top-trending movie and also enjoyed the top spot on MX Player.

“Ladke Rote Hain” written, produced, and directed by him is a short film on women empowerment. It is the relentless journey of a school girl from being weak and scared to strong and fearless, who fights back with her eve teasers with grit and determination.


India is different. India is unique. India has ancient wisdom and India is also a technological superpower. India is strong and India is beautiful. “Ananya Bharat” depicts the diversity of India and that diversity portrays our unity through a melodious song and a beautifully shot video. He has co-written, composed, and directed the music video.

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Life can be Beautiful, by Sunil Gupta.


Life can be Beautiful, by Sunil Gupta.

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On the eve of Diwali, little Anju loses the love and care of her mother and Sanjay loses his wife to a wealthy man but what a penniless and jobless Sanjay doesn’t lose is his principles and the hope that things will get better and the dreams that he has seen for his little daughter shall surely be fulfilled. In the pursuit of making the life of his daughter better, invariably Sanjay ends up waking an entire nation from their indifference to the plight of others. Not only does Sanjay succeed in making his daughter a respected scientist at NASA, but also a good and caring human being. Now an old Sanjay with his daughter try to make the planet a better place to live in

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